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Originally Posted by bearcat8290 View Post
good point. We don't know that either. I would assume many are convictions.
The other point is if he was stopped that many times without incident why was this different? Doesn't seem like he was a threat to the safety of the officers who arrested him previously. It also seems both sides are trying the case in the media. How else would we know about the victims past. Just can not reconcile in my mind that the officer couldn't have handled this situation differently. I'm a civilian and I can think of a number of different solutions. He could have shot the tires. I know law enforcement is a tough job. I personally think they should be paid more and trained better. I also think they should not be used to generate revenue or have quotas. It's always puzzled me why the police hide on the highway if the mission was to provide safer roads, wouldn't the best practice be to be out in open where people can see you and slow down. Lots of people being locked up these days. The prison industry is a money making business.

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Many good points. I also think many things could have been done differently and successfully without killing the driver and stopping him at the same time. One major problem that I see is that many neighborhoods are not safe to travel into. Twenty years ago, we never had this problem. However, now, I won't travel to some areas including Avondale, Roselawn, Bond Hill and Walnut hills as well as Evanston. No thank you. The politicians in Cincinnati tell us crime has been better with the exception of the past year, but we all know it's not true. Too many mentally ill people roaming around our city with no treatment and assistance, county commissioners don't want new jails because that means thousands of new union employees, so the solution is to allow them to walk the streets. Just like Deters son, when the commissioners loved ones are attacked, we will see action. Look how long it took the police to find Deter son's attackers. Not long at all. Can't seem to find others because many in the neighborhoods won't talk out of fear for their lives. witness protection plans are pretty much a thing of the past.
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