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AAC Championship

AAC Championship game against #24 Tulsa is set for Saturday Dec 19 at 8pm on ABC. Game will be played at Nippert with 1500 fans.

Florida's loss to LSU cracked the door open just a bit for a chance at the playoff. Iowa St and Ohio St are both playing top 15 opponents, so a decent chance they could both lose. Texas A&M plays 6 loss Tennessee though - we probably need a major upset there. All three of those games are at noon, so the stakes of our game will be clearer at kickoff.

This all reminds me a bit of 2009 after we won in Pittsburgh. I cheered on the Cats in the snow at Heinz field in a ridiculous red onesie, and then watched Nebraska nearly beat #3 Texas that night. Since one of the top 2 teams had to lose the SEC championship, we likely would have gone to the national title game if Texas had lost. Sadly, one second was added after Colt McCoy's pass landed out of bounds and the clock initially showed zeros, and Texas made a 46 yard field goal to win 13-12. We ended the season at #3 in the BCS. So close.

Unfortunately, the basketball game at Georgia is also scheduled for 8 pm on Saturday. Time for some dual screen Bearcats action.

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Based on the CFP rankings Tuesday evening, I think UCís chances to make the playoff have vanished. Not that they were likely to make it if properly ranked at no less than 6, IMO. The P5 bias is obvious and the CFP has clearly indicated that it will never allow a G5 school into its invitational.
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I'll keep dreaming. Maybe Clemson, Ohio St, Texas A&M, Iowa St, and Florida will ALL lose and we win by 30.

They'd probably put Oklahoma and USC in the playoff if that happened .
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